Want to plan out the best year for your coaching business?

You need the Wholehearted Planning Framework  

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Ready to create a plan for your coaching business that works?

When it comes to your coaching business, do you feel like you have no direction? Maybe you’re not sure what will work so you spend forever doing all the things hoping something sticks.

With a brand new year and new decade on the horizon, are you excited about the possibilities for your business but you need a way to organise all your ideas in a way that actually gets stuff done?

Maybe you’re trying all these platforms (and still thinking maybe you should start a podcast?) but the truth is it’s getting no traction and no clients. You don’t even know what you should be posting half the time!

You’re fed up of seeing your following grow by two people one day to losing three followers the next day. The merry go round of social media is slowly taking all the joy out of your coaching business and worst still, your just not getting clients.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, you don’t have to faff about on social media all spending hours trying to do all the things. You can create a plan for 2020 and beyond that will help your business be a success.

What you need is a simple strategy, a game plan that actually works and gets you clients!

Join me and let’s create that strategy together ✨

What’s included in the Wholehearted Planning Framework?

Cycles of Business Development Training: understand how sustainable business growth works and what that can look like for your business so you can ditch the hustle and comparison and always know what your next step should be.

The Annual Review + Plan: My wholehearted method for creating an overall plan for your business for the year ahead.

Quarterly Planning System: my signature 90 day planning system to get clear and focused on your business goals.

Content and Visibility Planning Worksheets: Never be stuck for what to post on social media or your blog ever again! These planning sheets will help you plan your content on an annual, and monthly level so you have a coordinated approach to how to get visible for your business.

Cash flow and Metrics tracking spreadsheets: So that you always know where you are financially in your business and are able to plan ahead I’ve included my cash flow spreadsheet as well as a tracking spreadsheet for your metrics – the key figures you need to monitor in your business to know that it’s growing.

Ticking over tasks: Simple system for managing the daily, weekly and monthly essential tasks that keep your business running.

Managing your time: An introduction to batch creation, time blocking and more techniques for being productive!


This is planning the wholehearted way…

This isn’t about creating a ridgid strategy that you feel chained to, this is planning the wholehearted way.

Yes, it’s true, when you fail to plan you plan to fail, but the real plan that work – especially for women in business, is a plan that checks in with your intution and your gut, that considers how your business fits in with the rest of your life – and most importantly a plan that focuses on work you enjoy.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

This isn’t about creating a plan for your coaching business that just replaces the 9-5 grind with even more grind. This is about bringing together the essential elements of strategy (sorry, even the most heart based business needs a good dose of practical strategy!) and your intution in a wholehearted way to create a plan for your coaching business that actually works.

And this great bonus!

Get the full Superstar Strategy Challenge to help you create a simple yet powerful strategy that will get you focused, save you time and get you more clients!

What you get:

  • The Strategy Superstars framework
  • 5 videos teaching you each element of the framework
  • A guided overview


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