What I learned at Atomicon 19

On Friday I hopped on a train up the road to Newcastle with my good friend Kathryn to attend digital marketing conference Atomicon 19.

Atomicon was created by duo Andrew and Pete, local lads who run their own digital marketing business. It was the first time anything like it had been held in Newcastle, so as soon as I saw the tickets available I snapped up an early bird offer feeling quite chuffed I didn’t have to travel to somewhere like London for a conference!

The day was absolutely amazing, I learned soooo much! It reminded me how important it is to invest in events like this because you can gain so much for taking a day out to just be inspired.

I wanted to share a few of the key takeaways and some of the things I’ll definitely be applying to my own businesses – to be honest I have enough notes to write several posts so I’ll just focus on a few key things and save the rest for future posts.

Takeaway 1 – Video is huge and if you’re not doing it you really should be

A theme of the entire event was using video as part of marketing your business. Andrew and Pete focused on it during their talk as did Dan Knowlton. They both shared examples of how transformative including video in your marketing can be.

Live, pre recorded video and webinar were all discussed at length, and I feel super inspired to include more video in my business at every stage and level.

However as I think we all know, video can be scary. There’s lots of different barriers that keep us stuck, but ultimately the message was that we need to follow our fears if we want to up level our businesses, which brings me on to…

Takeaway 2 – Follow your fears if you want to up-level your business

There was lots of talk about how we need to address the fears that hold us back in our businesses. Fear of sales, fear of going live, fear of doing videos, fear of trying new things etc. Andrew and Pete talked about using ‘encouragement sparks’ – i.e the support of a community or mentor to help you through it. They also looked at ‘consequence forecasting’ – basically asking yourself what the worst case scenario might be. Dan told us to ask ourselves ‘how much do you want it’.

Takeaway 3 –  Be you in your business

Chris Ducker did the final keynote and focused his talk on growing your personal brand. Something that is clearly supported and enhanced by video too – it certainly helps being more you in your business! Other themes of his talk was around building relationships, remembering that we’re dealing with real people with real hopes and dreams and problems they’d like to have fixed. He used an analogy of going to a big supermarket for your bread, or heading to the bakers where he knows your name and remembers your order – we need to make people feel special within our businesses. 

He also reminded me that when we are unapologetically ourselves in our businesses we become original and build a business that is more future proof.

One of my favourite quotes of the whole conference was ‘become somebody’s favourite’.

I’ll definitely be focusing on creating more video within my business – I think for me that’s going to be doing more live chats, recording more training videos to use as part of welcome sequences to my email subscribers and having videos on sales pages. I’m going to challenge myself to show up even when I feel a bit scared and I’ll be making some tweaks to make sure that I’m being more me in my business, building relationships and focusing on my personal brand.

If you’d like to check out Atomicon the tickets for next year have just come out! Why not come along and see my gorgeous home town and hang out with me!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this, what’s one fear you need to face in your business?

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  1. Andrew and Pete

    Thank you so much for this wonderful write up! :D You rock!! Really glad you enjoyed it!


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