Design a strategy that gets you clients!

Monday 21st – Friday 25th Oct

Fed up of spending ages posting on social media with no real plan and no real results? Struggling to get clients from all your efforts?

If you:

  • Are spending ages randomly posting on social media or blogging your heart out but are getting nowhere
  • Feel like you’re doing all the things but getting no clients
  • Have no plan as to how you’re going to convert people into clients
  • Are procrastinating and ‘faffing about’ because you aren’t sure what you should be doing

Then Strategy Superstars is for you!

What is it Strategy Superstars?

Strategy Superstars is a free 5 day challenge. By the end of the challenge you’ll have a clear, doable and realistic strategy in place for getting more clients into your coaching business in a way that feels fun and aligned for you.

Imagine if you had a simple strategy you could implement in a few minutes each day that was designed to get you clients using proven techniques that actually get results.

So many coaches have their businesses fail because they have absolutely no strategy in place – they waste time posting aimlessly on social media hoping something sticks and they just have no game plan!

Having a strategy will help you stop procrastinating, enable you to post with purpose and know exactly what you need to do to get clients. It will also save you so much time!

How does the challenge work?

Each day starting on Monday 21st October you’ll receive a daily email with a power strategy tip and a 10 minute homework task.

You’ll get a Google Document to complete each day which will form your written superstar strategy and you’ll be able to join the free Facebook group to follow along, ask questions and get extra advice via my live streams.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover in this challenge

how to choose what and where to focus your energy for your unique business

what you should be doing each day and each week to grow your business and get clients

how to get people to act quickly and make a decison to become a client