How to come up with an epic opt in idea for growing your email list

As a new coach you might have heard the phrase ‘the money is in your list’ and it’s true that growing your list is an important part of creating a sustainable coaching business.

You might not get clients from growing a list immediately, but it’s definitely a good medium to longer term strategy – one of my business coaching clients has found her clients through list building!

One of the best ways to grow your list is to create something of value that you offer people for free when they join your email list – this is often called an opt in or lead magnet.

This can be a written pdf guide, a training video or series or training videos, an audio recording, a mini course etc

But this strategy only works when it’s the right opt in topic that is going to appeal to your audience! Here’s a list of tips to help you create a totally epic opt in to help you build that list.

Talk to people who have the problem you’ll be helping them solve

Having conversations with the people you aim to help with your coaching is always valuable as you’re better able to understand their problems. Why not ask them what they’d find helpful? What topic or piece of information would they value enough to take action?

Also think about how those people might best take in the information – if your ideal client is a busy mum, a 5 day mini e course with 10 lessons might not work, but a 3 page cheat sheet pdf full of easily actionable tips would be perfect. Make sure that whatever you create is easy for your ideal clients to consume and use. 

Think about where your ideal clients go wrong

Alongside having those conversations with people, ask yourself where they seem to go wrong in their journey. What ‘mistakes’ do they make and how could they avoid them? Sometimes including some helpful information on avoiding common pitfalls can be really useful for your audience and can also give them a little win.  

Look at your most popular content

If you’ve already been creating content such as blog posts, social media posts etc, looking at what you’ve put out there that has had the biggest response is s good indicator of a topic that your audience may like more information on in the form of an opt in. 

Think back 5 years ago

If you feel your ideal client is much like you, only a few years behind in their journey, think back to what you would have snapped up in a heart beat when it comes to a helpful opt in. What kind of information would you have found really valuable back then?

Relate the opt in to your coaching package

Look at your coaching package and the way you’ll be helping people and see how you can relate the topic of the opt in to that. This means that you’re ‘priming’ the people who sign up for your list around the niche you coach in and attracting people who would benefit from your coaching too!

When you have a solid idea for your opt in it’s time to go create it! Then once you have your opt in created you need to hook that up to an email service provider and ideally integrate that with your website if you have one.

If that all sounds a bit scary check out my free Success Action Plan for New Coaches, your 3 month (or less!) action plan for setting up a successful business which covers when you should create your opt in as well as my brand new course Create Your Coaching Business (launching in September) which covers all the steps you need to take you from brand new qualified coach to having your business ready to go!

Have you created an opt in yet? How did you come up with your topic idea?

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