Mindset Tips for New Coaches

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, starting a business is a total head f*ck.

Especially when you’re a coach and your business is basically you – it’s totally natural that it’s going to bring up a lot of your ‘stuff’.

It can trigger feeling not enough, impostor syndrome, comparison, money mindset issues – all kind of things, but the positive way to look at it is that as these things come up you have the opportunity to clear them.

Here’s 5 key mindset issues I see pop up in most new coaches and how to get over them…

Fear of what friends and family might think

I don’t think I’ve met a coach who hasn’t freaked out at the idea of their family and friends seeing them in ‘coach mode’. It makes us feel like we might be judged, that people might think we’re crazy, or think that we’re ‘one of those people’. Generally it’s just about allowing yourself to be seen in a different light by the people who know you. Sometimes we might feel that our online persona doesn’t quite match our in real life persona and that friends and family will judge or call us out on that.

If any of this resonates I’d ask yourself why you feel worried about what others might think and journal what comes up. If it’s a really intense feeling, it might be about starting to share things on social media where most of your friends and family won’t see it to begin with (like posting on Insta rather than Facebook for example). But ultimately this is a bit of a rip off the plaster situation! Ask yourself why their opinion really matters so much, challenge yourself to share what you’ve been doing and the more you do it the easier it will become – promise!

Being visible

This is really linked with the point above but all sorts of things can run through your mind when it comes to making yourself visible. For me, it’s usually worrying about people might think and how I’m not good enough. What helps me is feeling the fear and doing it anyway – plus I always remind myself that if I’m serious about growing my business I need to get out of my own way. I have a very small circle of people whose opinion really matters to me, and I remind myself of that whenever I get a bit scared to be seen. I do still get vulnerability hangovers but that’s more from sharing something a bit more personal or controversial than usual. Again, sometimes we just need to edge out that comfort zone!

Under-charging or chronic discounting

When we’re feeling a bit unsteady about our abilities as a coach, or our value or our worth, it can be easy to get into a habit of under-charging for our services. Pricing is a bit of a minefield in it’s own right as lots of factors come into play, but I do sometimes see coaches who are really under pricing themselves or are discounting all the time (to be honest I’m still working on the discounting thing myself). We might have a mindset that makes us believe that the only way to get clients is to appear cheap, we might just not be confident enough in our own skills (another off set of this mindset is constantly taking new courses or trainings).

Our pricing should feel like a little stretch outside our comfort zone, we should be able to confidently state our prices but maybe with a little knot in our stomach. You shouldn’t feel like you can’t get the number out without puking, nor should it be really easy to say it either!


Ooh this is a biggie! Procrastination is such a mindset red flag, often we can waste time faffing on things that don’t really drive your business forward, then getting annoyed that we aren’t seeing the growth we’d like. If you’re not feeling like you’re pushing outside of your comfort zone from time to time, you’re probably in your comfort zone too much. Getting to know your typical procrastination activities (mine is spending too much time on Pinterest!) is helpful as then you can ask yourself what you’re putting off and why.


It’s really easy to get sucked into the comparison spiral no matter what stage of business you’re in. Social media is a world of everyone else’s best bits, so when you compare your reality to their curated feeds it’s easy to feel like you won’t measure up. The track that always plays in my mind when it comes to comparison is ‘why would anyone want to work with you when ‘insert social media sensation’ exists’.

The fact is they’ll will always be similar coaches out there to you – however, no one is you. No one has your unique experiences, your voice, your body, your background. This is also true when people try and imitate you.

‘You can imitate a light like mine but you can not become it’ – Rupi Kaur

Reminding myself that I’m truly unique and that my message coming from me is what some people truly need to hear helps me when I get caught up in comparison.

Another super helpful thing is to get really clear on your own version of success. Sometimes comparison is edged with a touch of jealousy for what others have in perceived success (reminder, large social media followings don’t always equate to financial success) so really connecting with what success looks like for you, and seeing twinges of jealousy as pointers showing you what you actually want can be useful as well.

The trick is not to allow comparison to crush you and make you small, you are needed in the world too!

So yep, there’s a load of mindset stuff that comes with starting or growing your business. One of the best ways to support yourself is to get some accountability and have someone to talk to as and when things come up or whenever you feel stuck. This is one of the reasons I created the Wholehearted Biz Club so there’s a place where you can get that kind of support. Sometimes you just need some cheerleaders in your squad!

What kind of mindset stuff have you come up against in your business journey? Where do you get stuck?

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  1. Angel Strunk | Next Level Blogging

    I can definitely relate to undercharging for my services and giving too much away for free.
    Over the last year I’ve gotten better at it and recently increased prices and am more clear about what’s included for the price.
    For one client early on, when I calculated the time I spent on all of the “small” stuff, I was only paid about $5 an hour!
    Pricing my services has probably been the biggest challenge I’ve faced with my coaching business.
    I am worthy, my services are valuable and clients do see results…I shouldn’t have to feel guilty for being paid a reasonable amount for the value I provide.
    Here’s to a prosperous 2019!!

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Good for you for increasing your prices! This is it, I think when you really cost things out so many of us are under charging xx


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