Behind the Scenes of a Successful Course Launch

A few weeks ago I launched a brand new course to my wellbeing audience – Wholehearted.

The launch went really well, mostly in terms of how simple and easy it was and how much fun I had! I also generated a decent amount of income – making money in your sleep always feels good!


I always love finding out more on how other business owners run things behind the scenes so I thought it would be fun to do a video talking through my process for this course launch. Plus I wanted to share more on this as this isn’t a business 2 business product – as a business coach and mentor, I think it’s more helpful to see examples that are more relevant to you if you’re a health or life coach as things can be a bit different!

If you’re a coach who would love to create an online course or programme now or in the future, I hope you find this helpful!

In this video I cover:

  • How I created the course idea and materials
  • My marketing strategy
  • All the numbers – how much I made, my conversion rate etc
  • What I could have done differently and some tips for you.



I shared this in my free Facebook Group so if you enjoy this kind of thing, do come over and join us!

What are your thoughts on online programmes? Do you have one in your business or would you like to create one?

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