Are one of these three ‘lacks’ keeping your coaching business stuck?

I’ve been mentoring and supporting new coaches for the last few years and amongst many of the things they (and I at some point in my journey!) have struggled with – a few key areas have emerged as being the ones that seem to keep them the most stuck.

No one wants to be stuck – least of all in your coaching business, so I thought I’d share the things I’ve noticed and how to overcome them with some simple ideas.

As I said, I’ve also struggled with these things at some point but they are all things you can overcome and get better at, especially with some support!

As we look at each of these three ‘lacks’ you’ll see that they are all connected – each affects the other two in different ways which is great because if this resonates and you’re able to show up in a different way around one of them then you’ll help the other two at the same time!

Lack of consistency

When you’re first starting out, being consistent with your visibility and marketing is pretty essential when it comes to growing your business. However, being consistent is something I see a lot of coaches struggle with. But what does consistency look like? It can be blogging twice a month, doing something each week to grow your email list, emailing a new podcast each week to pitch to be featured, posting on Instagram 4 times a week – whatever it is, doing it with some consistency is going to help build trust and expectation with your audience and most importantly – grow your audience.

The issue with consistency is that so many things can get in the way! Confidence and other mindset issues like procrastination we’ll look at in a moment, as well as strategy or lack thereof, sometimes it can feel like you’re doing all the things but no clients are showing up – that comes back to strategy.

Sometimes people try and do too much all at once and then get burned out and just stop – this is even more common if you’re also working a job at the same time!

So whatever you do, make sure you define what consistency needs to look like for you – what’s realistic? In what ways can you support that consistency? Using planning tools for social media marketing can help (I love Planoly* for Instagram for example) as can mapping out your tasks and batching them – like writing 4 blog posts in one sitting and then scheduling them up for the month.

Lack of strategy

This is one of the biggest ‘lacks’ I’ve struggled with and that I see many other coaches struggle with too!

Strategy covers everything from how you price your services, the structures and systems you have in place to sell them and market them and more.

When you lack a strategy everything can feel a bit haphazard, you can waste a lot of time and money and most importantly you don’t get the results you desire – the clients, the sales, the income!

But when it comes to strategy, how do you choose the right strategy? And if you have no idea what a kind of a strategy you need for your unique business, where do you start?

This is something we cover in detail inside the Wholehearted Business Club – alongside a really important process of strategy testing and reflection. This is SO important because you can easily waste months and months of doing the same things and getting the same crap results if you don’t have a way to reflect, re-plan and then execute a new or tweaked strategy.

This is what keeps your business growing and moving forward.

Having a strategy also makes consistency really easy because once you have a strategy in place it’s all about execution – not faffing about! When you have a strategy you know exactly what steps happen and when – you have clarity and consistency and a fool proof way of ensuring you get clients or sales.

Lack of confidence

This lack affects so many of us – and not just when you’re starting out, it can come up at any stage of business.

There’s a lot of successful coaches out there who aren’t saying or selling anything revolutionary – but who have reached a high level of success because they’re simply way more confident!

You need to believe that what you have to offer is of value and that you’re the right person to be offering it.

Alongside lack of confidence – comparison, impostor syndrome and other mindset issues can really get in the way of growing your business too, and there’s no magic wand to wave that will get rid of them all easily. The trick is becoming more self aware, starting to notice where you are holding yourself back, where you aren’t showing up as your full self, where you aren’t investing in your business, where you’re making business decisions from a place of lack rather than a place of confidence.

This is actually a simple tool to try – when you’re faced with a decision or action in your business, ask yourself what would you do if you had total confidence in yourself.

Decide now to start showing up as your whole self in your business, fake it till you make it if that works for you – and remember that you and your offerings as a coach have value – and own that!

As always I’d love to know your thoughts. Have you struggled with any of these three lacks?

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