A little bit about me…

Hi, I’m Laura; designer and mentor to online coaches launching and growing their businesses.

I help new online coaches with everything they need to create and launch a successful online business. I’m pretty much a one stop shop! Whether it’s branding and website design that makes you stand out from the crowd or support with getting crystal clear messaging, ditching overwhelm, making more money and having more impact – I’m your girl!

Back in 2010 I founded my award winning blog, Wholeheartedly Laura. I studied with IIN to train as a health coach and within 2 years I was fully self employed. In that time I’ve coached clients 1-2-1, launched a membership site, sold 2 ebooks, offered several online courses, ran numerous retreats and had two recipe books published. If there’s a way to make money as an online coach I’ve probably tried it – and I’ve learned a lot in the process!

Combined with my design and tech skills I love offering a complete service to new and newly established online coaches to help them fast track their progress so they can start making money and serving clients faster – without all the tech headaches, uncertainty and feeling lost that usually accompanies getting started!

But running an online business as a coach is only fun if you don’t let it turn back into the old hustle of a 9-5. That’s why everything I do is infused with my wholehearted philosophy – showing up with your whole self and making ‘you’ the most important aspect of your business, as well as ensuring self care is an integral part of the picture.

I’m not a bullshit get rich quick kinda ‘business coach’, I’m someone who has actually ran a successful business who’s passionate about making sure clients get tangible results.

My story

I’ve always been creative, from drawing pictures of my favourite animals and making collages in school, to studying art and design at University, I’m happiest when I’m being creative! But after leaving University and trying to find a job in arts development unsuccessfully I started working with community organisations around Newcastle and then County Durham. I began work with a community and voluntary organisation and completed my Masters in Community and Youth work at Durham University. Just as that course was ending I started a new journey around my wellbeing where I successfully lost weight and blogged about everything I was learning in the process about health and nutrition. I soon discovered IIN and decided to train as a health coach, at the time I had no set plans to coach individuals but I had hoped to combine this new knowledge with my skills as a youth worker supporting young people to eat healthier.

Around the time I completed IIN I learned that my contract of employment would be ending within a year or two so I set up a community interest company to deliver community projects around health and wellbeing. I also set up my own private limited company to start exploring online coaching. Then I found out I was pregnant! I delivered several community projects but pulled back on that work to focus on my online business as my pregnancy progressed.

My online business grew and grew. Alongside my 1-2-1 coaching I developed new income streams with courses and memberships, took on freelance contracts to write recipe books and speak at events.

I gave birth to my son knowing I had a flexible business, was financially secure and able to do something I absolutely loved which was fab!

Gradually more and more new coaches would contact me asking for tips as to how to set up their own online business. I started experimenting more with the creative elements of my own business and that’s when I realised I could bring all my passions and interests together to support other women to set up their online businesses so they could enjoy that same flexibility and joy in helping others that I had.

And that’s what really lights me up – helping women create not just a business that looks awesome and makes money, but a business that enables them to live the kind of life they want to live, almost like an extension of their own self care. I love being a cheerleader for women who just need someone to tell them how bloody fantastic they are and that yes, you can do it! Because guess what? You can.

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