5 mistakes new coaches make and how to avoid them

When I first started out as a coach I was overwhelmed and had no clue what I was doing. It was 2012 when coaching was still a pretty new thing and I had no real reference point for what was best practice when it came to setting up my business.

I managed to muddle through of course, but a lot of the mistakes I made cost me a lot of time and money!

Now as a business mentor I see new coaches making a lot of the same mistakes I made back then. This certainly isn’t throwing shade on anyone, the fact is so many coaches begin their businesses this way, but I believe there’s a much, much better way to do things!

Mistake no 1 – using long term strategies to try and get clients now

What most new coaches do is they start posting on social media, writing blog posts and maybe trying to grow their list as a way to get clients. Now building an audience is a solid business strategy, but the problem here is that these are generally strategies that take longer to result in clients.

Unfortunately some coaches don’t feel like they’re getting any results, start to panic and lose any confidence they had.

The trick here is to use strategies that are better suited to getting clients more quickly alongside these longer term business building strategies.

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Mistake no 2 – Approach their website + branding the wrong way

Your brand and website is important. Some people would suggest it’s not, but for countless reasons having a website and brand that really works is going to lift your business head and shoulders above the rest.

What a lot of new coaches do is turn to platforms like Wix or Weebly or use a website builder that comes with their coaching course. The issue with this is that it’s hard to really create a website that will make you stand out and look professional on these platforms. These platforms also make it much harder to create some of the techy things you’ll need to have in place as your business grows which make getting clients and making sales so much easier!

For people who DIY without support, the brand often isn’t as polished as it could be too. If you don’t consider yourself creative or techy then DIYing without support can take you months and months!

But it doesn’t have to be that way – check out my 3 month success action plan checklist where I cover exactly what platform is best to start with for your website and how to DIY a successful brand.

Mistake no 3 – having Business FOMO

Ah this is such a common one and can still get me sometimes! Do you ever look at other coaches and think you should be doing what they’re doing too? Maybe it’s starting a podcast or buying a new online course on Instagram?

I call this business FOMO (fear of missing out) – well it’s less fear of missing out and more fear of not doing the right thing!

The problem here is that for new coaches who haven’t got their solid foundations in place, these distractions can cost them a lot in terms of money and time. If you don’t have certain things in place first and if these things don’t fit into a strategy then they’re going to be a giant waste of time and money!

Want to know what those solid foundations should be? This is another thing we cover in my 3 month success plan checklist!

Mistake no 4 – offering up discovery calls with no purpose

I think the way most of us are taught in our coaching programmes is that we should offer a free ‘discovery call’ to help attract potential clients – that’s certainly what I did when I started out. But the problem with this method is that you end up only getting people who are 99% ready to sign up booking on these calls – which is awesome if you have a steady stream of clients but not so helpful if you don’t!

To make these ‘discovery calls’ work for you as a new coach – i.e having a call with someone so you can demonstrate your expertise and actually sell to them on the call – you need a different approach.

Instead of advertising a generic ‘discovery call’ give the call a name and a purpose so people know that they’ll get something actionable out of the call. If you have trouble getting people to sign up for a call try charging a small fee for them and see if that helps – I tend to get more people signing up for paid calls than free calls but as with all things in business, test out a strategy and then look at the results!

Mistake no 5 – staying in your comfort zone

I know this one is hard, especially if you’re more introverted. But pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is really key to helping your business grow. Maybe it’s doing your first live video or approaching a podcast to be on as a guest – these things can make us super nervous – trust me I know!

But what I also know is that everything good in my business has come from a push outside of my comfort zone. Just keep an eye on where you tend to hold yourself back or procrastinate as those are good indicators of being stuck.

I hope looking into these 5 mistakes has helped you! Like I say, I’m certainly not perfect and have done all of these things too – they just make things harder for you and often waste you time and money in the process as well which sucks when you want to get to the point of being a successful coach!

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