3 social media mistakes to avoid as a coach

I’m willing to bet that as an online coach starting or growing your business you’ve spent some time on social media.

We all know that social media can be an amazing way to market your business and be visible, but unfortunately loads of us are spending lots of time but seeing no results.

That’s because there’s a whole lot more to social media as a marketing tool than most would have you believe. Let’s see if you’ve made any of these 3 mistakes…

Posting on social media with no strategy

What a lot of us do is post on social media thinking that’s the way to get clients. Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

Yep, being generally visible on social media can be helpful, but not many of us are going to get clients unless we bring some strategy to the party. If you’re posting totally random stuff (random can work on Instagram stories to a degree, but not so much on the Insta grid or Facebook) without a coherent brand or message then it’s not going to help you get clients.

If you never (or rarely) actually invite your followers to take the next step, i.e. booking a call with you or signing up for an opt in or free gift (see my next point!) then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Now I’m not saying you should start pitching your services with the very first post, but after a while you need to be letting people know what there next step is and you should be posting content that is part of an overall strategy.

Posting on social media and not building a list

We don’t own our social media accounts – You Tube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram does – and if you build your whole business on one of those platforms and get your account blocked or the algorithm changes against your favour, you’re fucked.

What we can own is our email list – it’s a mistake to just focus on social media and not have an eye on how you can make sure that followers on social media are being led to join your list. You can do that in a number of ways, but one simple one is creating a free guide / mini course / training video etc that solves a problem your ideal client is experiencing – then invite them to sign up for it. Add the link to the sign up page in your social media bios and start directing your followers to sign up for it.

Posting on social media but not being social

What a lot of people do is start an Instagram account for example, post a pic, add some hashtags and then expect the followers to show up.

Sorry but it’s just not that easy!

Each social media platform is a little different in terms of what it takes to grow a following but here’s a couple of things to remember.

You need to put the social in social media – this isn’t just about being social on your own account but also about being social across the platform. This might look like commenting on others posts, finding new accounts to follow and commenting on their pages. This can be time consuming!

Spreading yourself over too many social media accounts – a lot of coaches think they need to be on all the social media accounts but to really make them work as a form of marketing for your business, less is more. I recommend starting by focusing on one or two max to begin with and get some traction on those. Choose ones that make sense for your ideal client. You’re far better doing one well than four badly. This also means you have the time to really work at the strategy and growth.

The bottom line is this – social media is not a marketing strategy by itself, it needs to be part of a mechanism in your business that helps people become clients or customers otherwise it can be a waste of your precious time!

The takeaways:

  • Pitch your followers! Invite them to book in for a call with you or tell them more about your packages or products
  • Focus on 1 or 2 social media accounts and let the others go even just for a while
  • Figure out a way to make social media part of your wider marketing strategy, i.e. by building your list as well and inviting followers to join it.

Also an important reminder when it comes to social media – it’s not just about the numbers. I know people with huge followings who aren’t making much money and those with a tiny number who are killing it – engagement wins over large vaniety numbers!

If this has put your head in a bit of a spin, don’t worry! It’s a lot to get your head around. If the idea of creating a marketing strategy, a free opt in, or deciding which social media platforms to focus on has left you feeling like you have no idea where to start, don’t worry – I’ve got you!

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How do you approach social media? Have you made any of these mistakes?

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