3 simple strategies for getting more clients

In last weeks post I dropped a couple of truth bombs around making money as a coach and how just focusing on working 1-2-1 can be harder than you might think.

I got a huge response to the post, some people getting a bit of a reality check and others being super inspired by it – and I can see why I got both responses!

So today I wanted to talk a bit more about getting clients as that’s where we should all start. I still think that for most coaches we need to start by getting a few 1-2-1 clients under our belts as that’s where you really get to understand what your ideal clients – and when you develop other income streams later, your customers – are struggling with and the best ways to help them.

So what most new coaches tend to do is approach getting clients in a bit of a haphazard fashion with no real strategy. They’ll try and post on social media a few times and get massive vulnerability hangovers, will therefore struggle to be consistent with their visibility and nothing really comes together for them. It’s a bit like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. Soon that awful feeling of failure creeps in (often with a side dose of comparison) and you feel like you’re never going to get anywhere with this coaching thing.

Sound familiar to anyone?

So let’s not do things that way shall we!

Here’s 3 really simple strategies to help you get your first, or more clients:

Be really clear on the problem you solve

This was the single biggest takeaway for me from the high level mastermind I was part of last year. I went into 2018 with no focus and I ended it with two different businesses because of this approach. People need to clearly understand how you can help them and which of their problems you’re going to solve. This is basically your ‘niche’. You’re so much more likely to get clients when you can clearly communicate to them what you’re about. There’s a big difference between being a generic health coach and a health coach who focuses on helping women embrace their menstrual cycles by improving their symptoms for example.

If you get stuck here think about your own journey. I’ve worked with so many coaches who niche is inspired by their own transformation – so often their ideal client is themselves 5 years ago! This is true for me as well in both my businesses!

Don’t call it a ‘discovery call’ or a ‘health history’ call

When most of us graduate from a training programme of some sort, the way we tend to be taught is to offer a free call of some kind to attract new clients. The big issue with this is that most people will not sign up for one of these calls unless they’re already 90% sure they’d like to work with you. This makes discovery calls a great way to onboard new clients but not to convert the maybes.

So instead of calling your free call a ‘discovery’ call – let’s give it a purpose and a name. So let’s say you’re a health coach that focuses on hormonal support. Instead of offering a health history call, let’s call it a ‘Hormonal Health Action session’ where the person will finish the session with 3 actions to support their hormonal health.

Which would you be more likely to sign up for – a ‘health history’ or a Hormonal Health Action Session? One sounds very vague and the other much more specific (especially when paired with a landing page that explains what the outcomes are. Here’s one I did for my free Mindset Course as an example)

They sign up for the call knowing exactly what to expect and they’ll get a helpful outcome – you get to demonstrate how you can help them with their problem and sell them your coaching package.

The downside is you might get a lot of time wasters but I’d reframe it as even if they don’t sign up for a coaching package now, you’re getting lots of valuable information about how they frame their problems you can use when it comes to your sales copy, plus if you’ve really helped them they could come back and become a client at a later date. Plus, the more of these calls you do, the more relaxed and confident you’ll become in doing them.

And remember last weeks post – if you have a conversion rate of 50% the math says that for every two of these calls you do you could get one sign up as a client!

If you’re more established then offering calls in this way might not be the best use of your time, but you’ll know that because you’ll have a waiting list of people wanting to become clients!

Focus your marketing on filling up the slots for these free calls

The way I’d do this is focus on one or two social media platforms and do them well – i.e. consistently and focusing on engagement – i.e. getting people to interact with you. In this baseline visibility it’s about sharing your message (I see your message as a little wider than your niche – something I cover in training inside the Wholehearted Biz Club) so that you’re attracting in people who have the problem you’re able to solve. Then once those people are warm to you through your baseline visibility it’s about directing them towards signing up for one of these free calls, which have a very specific outcome for them as we previously discussed.

A few ideas for how you can do this:

  • Have a link in your Instagram bio that leads to a sign up page for booking the call (and explains how it all works, the benefits for them – almost like a sales page)
  • Do a video on Instagram stories offering up the free slots
  • Share on your personal Facebook page and your Linkedin if appropriate
  • Share on your business Facebook page
  • Send out an email to friends and family explaining what you’re doing now and asking them to refer anyone they know who might have the problem you’re solving to you for a free call
  • Go to a local networking event and offer the free call to people you meet
  • Share the offer in the promo threads of Facebook Groups you’re in
  • Hold a free or low cost ticketed event / workshop and pitch your call to the people that attend

If any of these ideas are making you cringe I totally get you, I still sometimes get huge visibility hangovers (that awful feeling you get when you’ve posted something publicly). However, it’s part and parcel of running a business, sometimes you just need to work yourself up to it and expand your comfort zone one step at a time. Remember – yes you will be selling to the people on these calls, but you’ll also be helping them, for free, to begin with. And, what you’re selling isn’t some bullshit snake oil, it’s something that will help them solve their problem – remember how valuable and helpful your services are!

So I’d love to hear from you! Have you been offering a free call and has it been working for you? If you were to give your free call a name and purpose what would it be?

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