2019 Business Trends for Coaches

Happy New Year! I hope you’re having a great start to 2019. I’ve just taken myself out for a chai latte as a first Monday back afternoon treat so I’m writing this from my local Costa!

Over the festive period I came across several articles from online business leaders all discussing what worked for them and what didn’t last year, and how they predict things will go in the world of online business this year.

Of course no one has a crystal ball, but there does seem to be some trends emerging even now that look like they will get stronger as the year progresses. If you’re a coach who does any kind of marketing online then hopefully these findings will be useful for you.

Personal blogging and websites will be making a comeback

It’s not that blogging ever went away, but there was definitely a shift toward social platforms over the last few years. I don’t think that will stop any time soon, but as social platforms become more and more unpredictable and expensive from the perspective of businesses, I do believe blogging and personal websites will become more important again, and self love blogger Gala Darling agrees with me.

It’s worth remembering that we have zero control over any of the social media platforms we are on, Instagram could change its algorithm at the drop of a hat, you could have your account suspended or censored on YouTube or find that Facebook has blocked you – if you’ve placed all your eggs in one of those baskets you and your business could be screwed.

This is why having your own website and email list that you have total control of is essential for safeguarding your business.

Paid advertising is becoming more expensive and less effective

As paid advertising such as Facebook ads becomes more expensive, it becomes harder to use it in a profitable way. Maybe you’ve tried ads, and maybe you haven’t – but either way it’s worth noting that they aren’t the cash cow they were once seen to be. They can still be useful for many things and I’ve still seen coaches use them with brilliant results, but what’s changed is the need to use them with much more strategy involved. What seems to be popular at the moment is more organic forms of marketing…

Reaching people more organically and with less in your face tactics

I feel like there’s been a shift over the last few years – people want to connect with businesses in more organic ways than just clicking on a Facebook ad (although again, not saying they shouldn’t be used at all, just need to be used with a better strategy)
Instead we need to be forming deeper relationships and having better conversations with potential clients and personalise that experience. Bushra talks about how we don’t always have to include a call to action all the time. Changing how you think of marketing from ‘selling’ to ‘serving’ can be a simple shift that changes how potential clients relate to you and how you relate to marketing.

Also check out point no 2 in Bushra’s blog post about Desire Stretching – this one is such a great tip to consider when it comes to writing your copy for the sales page of your coaching packages.

Stories rule

So even though we don’t want to be putting all our eggs in the social media basket, when we are on there there’s a definite trend that isn’t slowing down – Stories.

Instagram nicked the stories format from Snapchat a while back and now Stories have even appeared on Facebook. Rumour has it that Stories may become even bigger than the Newsfeed on Facebook. All in all this means that if you do use any of those social media channels you need to be using Stories (and maybe play with ads in Stories too which apparently are still cheap).

I know that Stories can make some people cringe depending on how comfortable you are with putting a video of yourself online, but honestly it can be fun when you get used to it! Video in general – not just stories but Facebook live and YouTube as well is another ongoing trend in terms of content marketing.

So what does all this mean for you? It really depends where you are in your business journey, but most importantly it depends on what jives with you and how much time you have available to market your business.

For me, I’m looking forward to doing much more blogging and not letting myself get too bogged down with social media. I much prefer IG Stories than the feed anyway so I’ll still be posting on there when it feels good and just trying to share things that are helpful. I’ll probably still use Facebook ads but will change my strategies and try some new things out to see what works best. As usual I’ll still be making use of Pinterest which has always been extremely successful for me. I’ll probably work on reviving my free self care Facebook group and do more video and Stories within the group (yes Facebook Groups have Stories functionality too!)

The big takeaway for me isn’t anything new, it’s just re-confirming something I already knew – be your most awesome self in your business and let that shine, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable sometimes, have a solid brand that speaks for you and serve don’t sell!

Questions? Thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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