I help go-getting women

(who love a bit of woo woo)

start living intentionally and create businesses they love wholeheartedly

Dream of starting your own biz?

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Hi, I’m Laura!

A health coach and business mentor who’s passionate about supporting women to live their lives wholeheartedly by finding their balance, through self care, self love and mindset changes, to creating businesses that set them free to live their dream life.

Check out Wholeheartedly Healthy for more of my award winning healthy living blog and coaching, or stick around for my take on living with intention and creating a thriving online business, all with a bit of woo woo thrown in.

Biz Mentoring

For health coaches and wellness biz girl bosses  

1-2-1 coaching, support, branding and website design for health coaches and online wellness biz bosses

Wholeheartedly Healthy

Self Care // Self Love // Balance // Mindset

I write about being healthy the wholehearted way as well as offering 1-2-1 wellbeing coaching

The Balance Club

Healthy living for women in the real world

My membership programme where I support women to find their balance through self care, healthy living and holistic wellbeing

Whole & Healthy LIVE

Podcast // Events // Retreats

Listen to the Whole & Healthy LIVE podcast and join me and fellow health coach Kezia Hall on one of our luxury events and retreats

Writing & Recipe Development

Books // Freelance writing

Check out my books Coconut Oil and Grains as Mains, hire me for freelance writing around health and wellbeing topics or for healthy recipe development

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