If you are ready to ditch the diets, find out what works for you, get healthy and feel fabulous then you are in the right place. Check out my 1-2-1 coaching services where I personally support you to improve your relationship with food, lose excess weight, maximise your energy levels and quite simply feel amazing!


If you are already a healthy living fanatic, perhaps you dream of pursuing a career that enables you help others and earn a living doing something you love. I can support you to become a health coach and develop a successful business that reflects your passions. Take a peek at my biz coaching services.

As a result of the health coaching I feel a lot more in control of my eating than before, which was the main issue for me in the past. I snack a lot more mindfully than before, which leaves room for healthier food. I worry less about what I eat than before, which has a great effect on my well-being. Laura might not have intentionally been a life coach, but she has helped me get my “groove” back, and that has had a positive effect on all parts of my life! I found her calming, practical, genuine and caring. She is a fantastic health coach, and has definitely found her calling!

As a result of health coaching I have gone from someone obsessed with calories and low fat foods to enjoying nutritional food without looking at the calorie content, instead thinking about how it will nourish my body. Bingeing – what’s that? I don’t do that anymore! (never thought I would write that sentence!) I haven’t had a binging episode in several months and no longer feel the urge to do so. From the moment we first spoke Laura put me at ease. I was able to speak about myself and my eats freely, without feeling judged, something I have never been able to do. She has been so approachable and I always feel supported.

Laura is an amazing coach! Warm, open, knowledgeable, caring, informative, generous and above all, extremely genuine, oh and no bullshit! Also I feel like I have been in really safe hands with her. I could tell how knowledgeable she was, and my issues are so tricky and unique but she still figured them out! Laura’s “uniquely healthy” ethos is tailored completely to the individual client, and my own particular issues are very unique and I felt everything I said was heard, and Laura “got” me.

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